Three Things That Worried Me About Moving On A Narrowboat

14 thoughts on “Three Things That Worried Me About Moving On A Narrowboat”

  1. Good luck Bee!
    We used the Post Restante service when we were house hunting in the tent in 2007 and it worked pretty well. Mail was going to MIL and she would send a parcel to the PO of our choice.
    As we had a residential mooring on the boat, we had an address and therefore could sign on with the local GP surgery. This was good as Hubby has to have regular INR checks, and it was also here we found my first cancer. The treatment I received was first class which is why we kept all my notes with the breast clinic there. Sadly a second cancer turned up but our friend put us up for the two weeks I was laid up after surgery. I still go there for my annual mammos though. All is good.
    Exercise: were you given some exercises to do after your surgery? I still do mine every day as it keeps things supple and I don’t have ‘adhesions’. We don’t walk as much as we did since losing Maggie, and Hubby’s mobility has been bad for a few months now but we are working on it and gradually getting back to walking every day again.
    The internet was also part of our mooring package, but there are mobile packages you can get.
    If you do go ahead, IMO you will love the peace and tranquility of the boating life. Everyone is so friendly and helpful as you all have one thing in common……. you have a boat! We are sorry we didn’t explore the canals more though and our only trip on them was taking her up for brokerage.
    Keep safe.

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    1. Hi Di, yes I got exercises to get my arm working again but nothing for general fitness and that is what I am struggling with. However, they said after chemo and radiotherapy I will have some days when out of nowhere I feel rather exhausted. That can happen for a year or so. My best option is the dancing and my work is quite physical so I probably do not need to worry too much. The post restante service only works when you have an address you can use for your mail to go to in the first place, I think. We won’t have that, so the others will have to do. I think we would get a mooring later on. From what I currently hear about the canals is that they are rather overcrowded with ppl who can’t go abroad on holiday. Boats are sold within a day sometimes and the prices are quite high. We were watching some at Wilton Marina online. But we assume once they can go abroad again they are going to sell them. It is quite a job to keep a boat afloat and in good nick which many might not take into consideration. But who knows what’s around the corner in these strange times. I’ll keep you updated 😊

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      1. Please do. Our boat was a Sea Otter, one of the last commisisoned, and aluminium, so no need for blacking. Hubby was able to do the main maintenance like oil changes etc. It’s all very exciting though don’t you think?

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      2. It is absolutely exciting. I think it’s a unique community and a way of life that would suit us well. And what you are writing sounds so cool. Yes, there are downsides but all lifestyles have. πŸ€—πŸ˜


      3. Biggest problem we ever had in the winter was condensation, the same as everyone else, even those with double glazing apparently. You could buy some temporary double glazing that you sealed with a hairdryer. It worked very well, though of course you couldn’t open the windows. I’m looking forward to hearing more, especially when you’ve found a boat. Will you get one with a burner?

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      4. Yes, we want one with a burner. It’s cosy and keeps the boat warm in an effective way. We won’t buy until next spring so we’ll keep you waiting a little. 😁. Still a little to go to get the house sales ready. That’s more of our concern now. πŸ€—

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