Mightily high on Barbados with #SoCS

Sigh. Another week over and even though my life is not as busy as Linda’s I keep being surprised how fast time flies. Dear Linda, thanks for another great inspiration:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “contains ‘igh.’” Find a word that contains the letters “igh” in that order and use it in your post. Enjoy!

Find the suggestions on how to take part and more creative #SoCS posts here: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 3, 2021

And no: I’ve never been to Barbados nor have I been mightily high. But maybe I should have been 😉

Mallory travels the world ~ part II

Last week I introduced you to Mallory who was on her way to St. Lucia. She met Bianca on the plane and this week we’ll get to know them a little better:

It was not quite night yet. Mallory heard some horses neighing nearby. She sat on a small wooden bench in front of their room and thought gratefully how they had arrived at Hewannora airport. When Bianca asked where she stayed Mallory had said: “I don’t know. I just went to the airport. Got the next available flight and went.” “You did what?” asked Bianca. Mallory had suddenly felt a pang of sadness and anger. “My girlfriend was obnoxious again. So I stole some of her money and ran off. I don’t know why. I just had to do it. So I went to the airport, got a ticket and came to St. Lucia.” Bianca had looked at her in an odd way. “OK. Nothing we can do about that. But listen: I had to take a double room. There were no others available when I booked so if you like stay with me…” “Uhm…” Mallory suddenly felt dizzy. “What was I thinking?” She asked herself again. But she wasn’t thinking and she knew it. She simply had enough of Vivian’s constant criticism. She had enough of telling her who Mallory was texting or what she was doing. She simply had enough. But sharing a room with someone she just met on a plane… on the other hand, where would she stay? I like Bianca so why not! Then she said:” Ok, thank you. That is very kind. But please let me pay my bit.” Bianca nodded. “And you can afford that?” she asked. Mallory sighed: “I didn’t steal Vivian’s money because I needed it. I just stole it to teach her a lesson. I probably directly get caught by the police as soon as I go home.” Bianca had suddenly given Mallory a hug despite their difference in height. She had to stand on her toes to reach Mallory properly. It was a long hug and Bianca whispered in her ear:” Well, then don’t go home!” Mallory freed herself:” That’s the plan basically!” and grinned. But there were tears in her brown eyes.

It was now the second night. First thing they had done when they arrived was to move the beds apart. Bianca had introduced Mallory as her granddaughter who suddenly had decided to come with her at reception. Mallory had just looked wide eyed but it was accepted without questions. Of course, the room now was a little more expensive. But that was ok.

Mallory thought of Barbados. This afternoon they were at the pool talking about their love of geography. She had showed Bianca some more vlogger videos from all over the world and when they got to Geography Now’s Barbados video Bianca started to giggle loudly.

video credit: Geography Now via YouTube

“Why are you giggling like a teenager?” Mallory had asked. Bianca laughed out loud now and then said breathlessly: “I once was high and mighty in Barbados” Mallory had sunk back into her chair which groaned a little under her weight. She looked from the pool which was surrounded by white sunchairs currently with hardly any guests. “I don’t understand.” “Of course, you don’t” Bianca had still been laughing: “You weren’t there!”. A waiter came around and asked: “Is everything ok?” “Yes, thank you, Sir” answered Bianca “But could we have some more of this lovely orange juice, please?” His face displayed big doubts that they were only drinking orange juice but he said politely “Of course” and left them.

“Ooops,” said Bianca. “Do you feel like explaining?” Mallory asked then raising one eyebrow which looked scary her friends told her. “Explain what?” “How you were high and mighty in Barbados!” “Oh, that!” She leaned back in her chair and moved her bright red sun hat up a little so she could see Mallory. The waiter came and brought the orange juice. Then Bianca said:

” There is this rum distillery. It is the oldest in the world, I think Barby mentioned it in his video.” “Yes, he did” threw Mallory in. “I went there with a couple of friends. It was in fact my first long haul travel when I was in my 20s. We were so young and so stupid. The hostel we were staying in organised a viewing of the distillery. And what did one of us do? She bought some weed and shared….” Bianca giggled again. “And?!” asked Mallory. “We were so high when we arrived that we created mighty chaos falling into some metal exhibits. We didn’t get to taste the rum. Can you imagine why????”. Mallory laughed: “No idea”. “Can we see how the distillery looks like today?” Bianca asked Mallory. “I think so” and showed her Trails & Travels on YouTube.

“Ah, I remember those barrels” Bianca smiled. “It was always my dream to get one of those for my garden. Unfortunately, my garden was so small it would have used up all the space!” Mallory looked over to the other side of the pool where other guests started to pour in. “We better go” she said. “True!” answered Bianca.

“What are you thinking?” Bianca came out of the door. Mallory looked up to her “How was your nap?” “Are you avoiding my question?” Mallory sighed:” No, you just have grown on me in the last couple of days. I care!” Bianca’s smile said: “I care too”. “Ok” Mallory went on. “I thought about this afternoon and Barbados” “And?” Bianca asked. “I would like to go there”. Mallory looked over the balcony and down into the garden. It was just lawn but lead down towards the beach where the quiet sea rested in the last sunlight. “Then let’s do that tomorrow!” said Bianca. “What do you mean: Do that tomorrow?” Mallory sat upright “You can get there in 45 minutes from here. We just need to get up North to that other airport. But under one condition: You have to tell me your dream!” Mallory turned her head to look at Bianca. She sat wrapped in a huge crochet scarf over her jeans and batik t-shirt. “I guess, you deserve to know for all your help.” “Well, if you rather keep it to yourself…” Mallory smiled. “No. I would like to travel to every country on Earth and write about it!” “Now, that’s a great dream. Much better than a dream man!” Mallory rolled her eyes. “You have figured by now that I am not into men?” Bianca laughed. “Of course, I have. What stops you?” Mallory looked away to the horizon. “Nothing or everything,” she said as she got up to her right. “But let’s not talk about that today. Let’s have some music:”

And where are we going next week?

Come Away With Me 2021 Musical Challenge Country for Saturday, July 10th, 2021

I am taking a rather random route around the world, but sometimes it makes sense. Next week we venture to Grenada. Please find musicians from Grenada at the Last.FM page.

Come Away 2021 badge
Come Away With Me 2021 badge
Image of river landscape with quote about breast cancer by Molly Irivins

Just one more thing before you go: The hospital that is treating me is fundraising for a dedicated breast cancer unit which would allow some same-day diagnosis and better premises for patients and staff.

Please, if you can spare a little money hop over to their Just Giving Page and give as little or much as you can. Or share the page on your social media. So far the campaign has raised a little more than half the amount needed: £451,024 of £800,000 (July 2021).

Your support means a lot to me! Thank you very much.

Thanks, my dears, for staying with me until the end.

I appreciate your presence.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

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