Mallory Travels The World IV

Hello my lovelies, how are you? I hope you are well and if challenges come your way that you get all the support you need. Last week I wasn’t up to anything, so I missed #SoCS. But, of course, Mallory needs to travel more. We do not want to miss any country, do we? Well, with my unorganised mind I probably missed a couple. Never mind. Please check out here if you missed the previous Stream of Consciousness virtual travel adventure instalments. Today, Bianca does some meditation in their hotel in Essouira in Morrocco. Well, she tries 😉 :

Bianca breathed deeply. She let her eyes glide over the dry soil and peaceful trees that stood underneath the yoga lodge of the hotel. She needed to ground herself after the hectic travel from Grenada to Morrocco. “Why Morroco?” she had asked Mallory. “I always wanted to go to Essaouira. Ever since I got this young couple a holiday there. Looks beautiful.” Mallory had looked at Bianca and went on: “It should be right up your street. It’s a hippy place!” Bianca had snorted. “Yes, one of those touristy things probably.” she had said to Mallory. “Money-making is the new Hippies greed”.

video credit: Fahida and the Heretic via YouTube

But she liked the girl. “And it’s nice not having to organise anything and just go with the flow,” she thought while she put her red and yellow shawl closer around her.
The sun just came up. She sat on one of the beige mats that later on would be full of tourists trying it on with yoga. She took another deep breath and tried to become aware of her body in the cold morning air. She sat on her legs knees bend and imagined roots from her body going deep down into mother earth. “Essaouira isn’t that bad actually!” she thought. Her mind wandering back to yesterday. After the bus ride from the airport south of the hotel, they had settled in. But as excited as Mallory was Bianca had no time to recover. “Come on!” Mallory had said: “Let’s get a taxi and explore!”

video credit: Aaron Explores via YouTube

Bianca breathed deeply. She tried to bring her mind back into her body and the here and now but the taste of her first Moroccan mint tea sneaked in. It was divinely refreshing. They just walked through town taking in the little art galleries and craft shops. Metall workers showed them their teapots and little side tables with elegantly crafted decorations. They admired colourful pottery but didn’t make it to the beach. “Such a shame we missed the Gnaoua Festival of World Music but that book market was great”. Her thoughts wandered again.

She kept breathing into her belly feeling her shoulders relax after they moved up when thinking of yesterday. Bianca adjusted her posture. “Why do I like that girl so much?” she wondered. “She doesn’t like books. But I went through the town with her and so she didn’t moan in the book market. I appreciate that!” Bianca sighed and brought her attention back to her aching knees and tight shoulders. She let her breath move down into her belly and when letting it go again her shoulders sank. Breathe out breathe in. Breathe out breathe in. Breathe out breathe in.

Her attention stayed with her body grounded for a couple of minutes. “I never liked anyone so much since Alice.” This well-known ache sprung up in the pit of her stomach. “Alice shouldn’t have taken Alex from me.” This thought always shot up when she thought of her childhood friend who had married their best friend despite him dating Bianca first. “Was their wedding the last time I saw her?” Bianca wondered. “I think so.”

She put her attention back to her breathing. Breathe out breathe in. She let the pain sink into her stomach and down through her energy connections with Gaia into the soil. “Let it go!” she thought. “Never had a close friend since though.” she pondered. “Is Mallory a friend?” She sat with this thought for a moment. Her breath moving effortlessly now into her belly and out. “Too short to know” the knowledge rose from inside her. “She could be my daughter!” that nagging inner critic voice whispered. “Not that age had stopped me ever!” Bianca thought. But what had stopped her from ever having a close friend again? “Didn’t feel like it!” she thought but knew that was not true. But maybe it wasn’t time yet to explore that part of herself.
Bianca got up and went back to their apartment. She changed into her bathing costume and went for a swim. Even though it was early the hotel had put some music on. It was one of Bianca’s favourites Oum.

video credit: Oum via YouTube

Breathe out breathe in. Stroke. Breathe out breathe in. Stroke. The warm water glided around her now fully relaxed body. Bianca lost herself in the movement and music. “It will be a good stay!” she thought.

For some more info about Morocco check out Geography Now. Happy virtual travelling 😉

video credit: Geography Now via YouTube

Thanks, my dears, for staying with me until the end.

I appreciate your presence.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

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