Mallory still Travels the World

Shalom, my dear fellow virtual travellers. Is it Saturday again? Yes, it is and I didn’t manage to incorporate Linda’s #SoCS prompt. So just a new place to visit with Mallory & Bianca 😁

Mallory & Bianca have made their way from Egypt to Jerusalem. Some things have changed but they still like coffee. I hope I didn’t get that one wrong LOL


I want to mention one thing: The story does live in an alternate universe where we do not have to bother with COVID. There are political and environmental issues that are similar to our reality but all is made up. Please forgive me 

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video credit: Geography Now via YouTube

They sat in the afternoon sun on a terrasse overlooking the old city of Jerusalem. Two coffees and a plate full of chocolate rugelach between them. Mallory looked ruefully at Bianca, who smiled. “Come on, girl,” she said, “enjoy. We are going to walk for miles tomorrow when we explore the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. And everything else in the old city. And we could check the fitness centre of the hotel out later on.”
Mallory looked away towards the dry soil covering the area around the hotel. She watched busses and cars crawling along a street a little away from the hotel. Only a little of the traffic noise was audible up on the terrasse. To their right, she could see the tower of what looked like a church. It was breathtaking.

video credit: Iz Harris via YouTube

Just a couple of minutes ago, they had sat down on the comfortable-looking white chairs with a tiny table between them. Within minutes the waiter had brought their order. “I am still surprised that this is supposed to be a “boutique hotel”, Mallory said, looking back towards the huge sand-coloured building complex. A light wind moved a flag with the hotel’s logo. “Isn’t a “Boutique Hotel” a small, quirky hotel?” she asked then. Bianca raised an eyebrow as she took a sip from her coffee. “I am glad we took the milk version and not the strong coffee.” she thought but said: “Who knows? Everything seems to mean the opposite of what it used to be! But you nicely changed the subject”.

Mallory sighed. “I have dropped the snacking since we were at the Great Library. Isn’t that enough? For this policy, I leave these chocolate treasures for you and skip the fitness centre anytime!”

Bianca took one of the pastries that looked like a croissant but were a “rugelach” and bit in it. “Wow”, she said with her mouth full. Mallory laughed. “Maybe I change my mind. You look like you ate something heavenly!” Bianca took another pastry and gave it to Mallory. With her mouth still full, she said: “PLEASE, try at least one bite!”. Mallory looked at it like it was a dangerous object. She sighed. “Stop tempting me!” Bianca made a face but took the rugelach back and bit in it. She now worked on two at a time. Mallory shook her head. “You are a crazy old woman, you are!” she said. Bianca swallowed and laughed out loud. “That was always my goal, my dear. Wait another 40 years, and you know what I mean!” Mallory could not stop a grin. Bianca was a woman her grandmother would have called “an old bird”. Colourful like a parrot and not at all bothered by what society thought of her. “That’s what drew me to her in the first place!” she thought. They were travelling for several months now and had found a comfortable balance between bickering with and comforting each other. Mallory took a sip of her coffee which tasted deliciously bitter and sweet at the same time. Foamy milk left a moustache on her lip. She giggled while wiping it away. “You are doing so well with your eating”, Bianca now said, her mouth at last empty. “What changed?” Mallory didn’t say anything for a moment then said: “At the great library, I remembered something my ex Viviene always said about my legs. That they looked like concrete pillars. That caused the anxiety. And I was just fed up with this sh… . I left her. She should not have any power over me anymore.” she sighed and hugged herself. A light shiver ran over her body. Mallory took some deep breaths as Bianca looked at her.

“That was nasty of her,” she said. “Vivien was… is… well, dominant. There is her way or no way. But it’s more insecurity. That’s why I stayed with her so long. I think I pitied her.” Mallory answered. “It looks to me like all of us women, no matter who we give our heart to, have to learn this lesson,” Bianca said eventually. “You can’t save them. Doesn’t matter if they are women or men or transgender. Unless they want to be saved.” Bianca took another sip of her coffee and kept the cup in her hand. “I have not many friends, but most of my female friends and acquaintances have similar experiences to you. Me included.” Mallory looked up. “You too?” “Yes, me too. It was my first boyfriend. In Paris where I studied.” Bianca took another sip of her coffee. Mallory let go of her body and took her cup. She sipped a liit’se but put it back on the table. “You really think its all women who experience a bad relationship?” “Well, all I know, have or had!” “Oh… I always thought it was just me. That I am too stupid or too nice or something”. Bianca put her cup down and stood up. Mallory looked at her. “What…?” Bianca walked around the table and gave Mallory a hug:” YOU are nothing of the sort! You are beautiful, intelligent and lovable.” she whispered in Mallory’s ear.

Mallory got tears in her eyes. “Thanks” she whispered back. Bianca sat back down. For a while, neither of them spoke. “Enough of old tales,” Bianca said when a waiter came along to get their plates and cups. “Could we please have another coffee each?” she asked him. “Of course” he answered and went.

Mallory just nodded. “Where are we going tonight?” Bianca asked. “A music venue called “The Zappa”. Your favourite ensemble is playing there,” Mallory answered. “Oh, you got tickets for the Habibti Ensemble? Smashing!” Bianca started humming a joyful tune as Mallory said: “Was quite hard to get tickets. Seems to be THE place to party in Jerusalem. They even offer kosher food”. Bianca stopped humming and asked: “Have you suddenly become Jewish?” Mallory laughed. “No, but I suspect it’s cool for the young folks here.” she looked at her phone. “Well, it’s nearly time to get ready. Let’s have the coffee and go up to our room”

video credit: Habibti Ensemble via YouTube

Thanks, my dears, for staying with me until the end.

I appreciate your presence.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

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  1. These get better and better. Maybe you should collect them together and expand them into a book. I like the food angle of the story. I could really imagine sitting there eating.


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