What A Mess Of A Day

Hi peeps, how’s it going? I very much hope you feel much better than I do. Coffee anyone? Tea or Cocoa? We have it all so don’t be shy!

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Maybe I can’t get going today because I skipped blogging for some chickpea cooking yesterday. On Wednesdays, I work until half twelve or one o’clock. My employer is rather laize-faire with my hours. As long as I do my 16 hours per week I can get them in as I please and I am enormously grateful for that.

Well, when I come home I have a bit of a rush to feed the chicken and the dog and myself and have a shower. By the time I can manage a cup of tea and check emails and other messages, it’s time again for cooking dinner.

Without subscribing to the intermediate fasting craze we usually eat very early. Tea or dinner is sometime between 4.15 and 5.15. I always think we should really call it “tea” because it’s around the time Germans think English people gather on the Laura Ashley sofas and fill themselves up with sandwiches, cake and, of course, tea.

Gif source Tenor

And yesterday I had the idea to make falafel and hummus. I had soaked dried chickpeas over night which needed boiling. And then the creation of these delicious dishes too. On top I realised I needed to bake for our lunches and I had to get the husband from work.

We are currently using my car mainly because it uses a lot less fuel than his. Phew, I just made it. By the time we’ve eaten, I was shattered and I had no mind to fill you in with a photo or two for wordless Wednesday.

Today, isn’t much better. In the morning I took the best husband to work and walked the dog around the lake close by.

At home I slumped on the sofa and read a little. I thought a little. At no time whatsoever it was nearly lunchtime. That wouldn’t usually be a problem because I have Thursdays off. But today I have some in person training to and go back by 1.30.

So, I hurried up cleaned the fridge and prepared tea for later. One must be prepared, mustn’t one? ๐Ÿ˜ Ah, I hate it, when I feel like I have to hurry around. And I probably, don’t even have to. It’s just my monkey mind panicking.

Better hurry again to get ready and feed the beasts. You hopefully are in a better state of mind and can enjoy some Moonshadow music.

Let’s rock this Thursday ladies and gentlemen. I am off….

Please stay safe, stay kind and you are gorgeous exactly as you are!

7 thoughts on “What A Mess Of A Day

  1. Hi Bee, your dog’s jacket is the same as the one we had for Maggie. Happy days.
    We have our main meal between 12 and 1, no later than 2 as that would mean no evening snack as it affects Hubby’s digestion. When we were working, we had a cooked meal around 6pm, but that doesn’t work for us now. We tend to say lunch rather than dinner for midday, but tea is between 4 and 5pm, no later than 5.30 for the same reasons and is always something light.
    Take care.

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