Hurray, it’s Friday?

Hello, all you lovely people, how are you? I hope you and yours are well and if not that you find all the support you need. All is well here after a chaotic two days despite me not sleeping again. But the best Husband and I had some lovely, lovely quality time together. (Yes, that is how we call it nowadays LOL)

Today, I had a lovely short walk at the sea. I didn’t take many pictures because I didn’t know if the tide was coming in which can be quite dangerous where we walk. But both Sherks and I enjoyed it.

This path leads down to the edge of the cliff. There are steps and all together its called “Cardiac Hill” 😉
And that is why it’s called that.

In other news, our chickens are amongst girls only again. Unfortunately, Napoleon passed the other day. However, they don’t seem to be too bothered. Maybe because they are ex cage hens and weren’t used to a cockerel. We were quite upset though. RIP Napoleon.

Well, I am now comforted because I do not need to put on armour anymore to feed the chicken. He never liked me and gave my legs more than one injury. But he was a majestic creature.

Around lunchtime, I had an appointment for a blood test. I’ll get my Zoledronic Acid treatment tomorrow and needed it for that. Our surgery is brilliant and the nurse who took the blood was so kind to use my left arm which is not very good to find anything. She found the vein fast and all was done in minutes. So tomorrow the infusion will be easy because we can use the right arm.

I took the time to walk Sherky again around the lake close to our workplace. I didn’t take any pictures because I was too tired. But we saw a heron twice close by. At first, we disturbed him in the lake and he flew away. Then we walked back and came upon him again. Or her of course. But they are such beautiful creatures. If you are interested in animal spirit guides here is what Heron means.

And then there is this new singer. I noticed her because the best husbands son studies music and works with this young lady with an incredible voice. My cousin said this song fits for autumn and I agree. It is such a serene song. Here is Ellen Torre’s first single “settle”.

video credit: Ellen Torres via YouTube

That’s about it for today. We are off work next week which hopefully helps with our sleeping patterns. I am off to prepare for tea and for getting the husband back from work. We’ll have Dhal, mashed potatoes and a salad. It’ll be cucumber and radish grated with a vinaigrette.

video credit: Cheffoodiecast via YouTube

Woa, I think today I did a little media overload… ooooops. Please forgive me if the post doesn’t load easily :-). Happy Friday to you all and please

stay safe, stay calm and remember you rock’n roll exactly as you are!!!!!

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