#SoCS has The Lids

Hello out there in the depths of the blogosphere. Happy Saturday despite everything. Please come in, have a cuppa and relax.

Today’s prompt is “lid” and I found it rather curious that it is the same word in English and in German. Well, at least for the eyes. The rest doesn’t quite work. Here is the exact prompt from the lovely Linda our Stream of Consciousness hostess:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “lid.” Use it in the literal sense, use it in the metaphorical sense, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Find the link and all the other great posts here.

For me the lid went off not on. Today was the appointment of the third Zoledronic Acid treatment. Up until now, the best husband has driven me but his legs are affected by his neck operation and he suffers every time he drives me so I put my foot down and said:”I am driving. Don’t worry. I found my big girls pants and can do this now!” And so I did.

It was a beautifully sunny October day today and the traffic wasn’t too bad. The drive is about 45 minutes and I got there in time. While driving I pondered how different everything was when I had cancer treatment. The streets were nearly empty because of the lock-downs. Even though I remember how surprised we were how many people still were on the roads.

The lid came off a lit of feelings and memories. What a year it has been. And gosh, it’s been a year that I started radiotherapy. Soon it will be a year that I finished it.

I like to take off another lid. That of the taboo of talking about boobs. As many of you might know October is breast cancer awareness month and so I want to encourage all you ladies to check yourself. And gentlemen this is for you too. Firstly, you can get breast cancer too. Secondly it is so often the partners who find a lump. And it is also the partners who encourage women to go to the doctor. We need that support.

I’ll write more about it next week but just take a moment and check that all is fine. The important bit is to do this regularly so you know how your boobs feel like. And if you find something that doesn’t feel quite right please get yourself checked out. The earlier you get help the less invasive the treatment.

I know the pandemic might make us feel we can’t ask for check-ups but believe me, you rather want a check-up and all is well than none and a lump was missed and you end up with the whole chemo-and radiotherapy shebang. It ain’t fun!

Well, I leave it at that. It’s getting late here and our bed is calling. Take good care of yourselves.

And please stay safe, stay kind and remember you rock exactly the way you are because baby you were born this way 😁 sorry Lady Gaga I had to steal this one😎

8 thoughts on “#SoCS has The Lids

  1. Liebe Bee, ich schätze Deine Worte sehr und nehme sie mir zu Herzen! Die Pandemie war ein so guter Grund sich vor wichtigen Untersuchungen zu drücken, dass jetzt wirklich Handlungsbedarf entsteht! Ich wünsche uns Allen gute Ergebnisse und beste Gesundheit! ❤

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