Nite, Nite All

Hello everybody, how are you tonight? I hope you are well and enjoyed a lovely Friday.

I spent the day doing our monthly online grocery shopping. It was pay day which I use to order what doesn’t come via Milk & More, Riverford and Amazon. Those are the places we have regular orders coming.

For some strange reason it always seems to need the whole day to get everything sorted. On top I wasn’t quite there today. We had our Covid booster jab yesterday and it gave us an awful night. Our body’s didn’t like the Pfizer jab at all. We spent half the night tossing and turning and woke up absolutely knackered.

GIF source Tenor

I recovered a little after breakfast but the best husband felt rather under the weather. But it’s all good now. Still a bit sore in places but that might as well be our age.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to work for a day. It’ll be exciting because I was officially freed from having to shield at the end of September which meant I could do training last Thursday to be able access all areas.

From April to now I simply stayed in the laundry of the hospital where we work and my co-workers brought the laundry to me. From now on, I can go and collect and bring it back myself which will make it easier for all. I can’t believe I am excited about that LOL.

We haven’t gone much further with our downsizing plans. At the moment we plan to sell the house next spring, then go travelling in Scotland for a while and try to get a boat in autumn. We assume it’ll be better to sell a house in spring but buy a boat in autumn.

GIF source Tenor

But my plans never work so we probably end up in a shack somewhere in the middle of nowhere or simply stay where we are. Who knows. The spirit guide animal for me in October is Black Swan so anything can happen. At least according to the e-Tarrochi interpretation.

One thing I know will happen is me falling asleep soon. So have a good night all you lovely people out there and please

GIF source Tenor

Stay safe, stay king and remember you rock!

7 thoughts on “Nite, Nite All

  1. Hi Bee I hope you are both feeling better and that the effects of the jab are completely worn off now . Good luck on your travels around the hospital it will be good for you to be seeing people again no doubt you will get tired at first . Lol be positive about your big move, all will be well ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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    1. Hi Willow, thanks so much for your kind words. It all went well and it feels so good to be able to organise my work my way. My co-workers are so kind and my boss too. Both of us are feeling much better today and we are glad that we are protected again. Lots of love for you and yours. Have a happy Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚


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