#SoCS says “if”

If you’d be around I’d invite you for a cuppa. Happy Saturday to all of you despite everything. And happy stream of consciousness writing too. Today’s prompt is “if” and I have a feeling I might weave a little tale. Here is the exact prompt from the gorgeous Linda our Stream of Consciousness hostess:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is โ€œif.โ€ Start your post with the word โ€œIf.โ€ Enjoy!

Find the link and all the other great posts here.

This morning at 7am in North Norfolk: A harvested field in the dark with a line of trees and bushes at the horizon. The sky is covered with clouds like cotton balls and the sun is just starting to rise giving it a light yellow and pink hue.

If Boris had any sense he would not follow that path. It looked like the easy one from afar. It looked like a smooth surface, with many cafes at the side and flowers everywhere. If Boris would have listened to his elders he would have recognised the illusion. But Boris was one of those youngsters who knew everything better. He did not listen to the elders. Or those who had mastered their crafts & trades. He only listened to his tiny ego that screamed and shouted how world-beating his dreams of a better future for his tribe was. He also listened to the hardly disguised demons of greed and pride. They hovered over his shoulders for all to see. Well, of course, only those who have eyes to see.

Too many liked to follow that glorious smooth path. That path, that leads back to a supposed better time when all was well. That path, that throws a deep fog over the demons hovering over Boris’s shoulders. Once you follow that path you cannot recognise the demons anymore. They miraculously change into saints who give to the poor and supports the helpless. And the demons laugh and laugh and laugh. But Boris and his borislievers had their ears blocked with the sound of “me, me, me”. So they followed the illusion of the smooth path and failed to see the bumps and deep, deep holes in the path. One after another they fell over each other and into the holes.

And they were elated that they were in holes because to them they were heaven. No wise person chided them. No counsel bothered them to get along with their neighbours. No, they felt powerful and better than all those old fools. Even when they got hungry but had nothing to eat they kept believing all was well. And those who had eyes to see shook their heads and chose the other path. They left the tribe or waited at the crossroads so when those in the holes found sense they could lead them back to sanity. We do not know if anyone ever came back. We do not know what happened to Boris either. He vanished in the fog that his demons threw about him. Those who wait at the crossroads say they can hear him scream at night when the demons howl with laughter.

Oh, peeps, that was fun. Please take good care of yourselves and choose your path well. Muahahahahahaaaaaaaa ๐Ÿ˜‰

And please stay safe, stay kind and remember you are gorgeous!

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