Let’s Do A Reminder Once A Month ~ #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

Hi peeps, how are you? I hope you are well and if not that you find all the support you need. I am sending you lots of good vibes along.

I wanted to write a lot more about Breast Cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month but I am still struggling with getting a writing routine back. Brain fog still seems to be a problem and I often just jump from one thing that I do to another. Menopause and the remnants of chemotherapy I suppose.

However, I felt one month isn’t enough to keep us aware of breast cancer. One of the most important things you can do to detect breast cancer early is a monthly self-exam. Which gave me the idea, to write a blog post every month when I do mine. As I have stopped having my periods I chose the last day of the month to do it but if you still have yours you are advised to do them about three days after your period.

The important thing is to learn how your breast feels and detect anything that’s not usually there like lumps, skin changes or discharge from your nipple. YourBestSelf did a wonderful video explaining different techniques of the self-examination:

video credit: YourBestSelf via YouTube

The only thing I would add here is not only to use one technique. Many doctors and breast cancer charities advise doing it standing and laying down as you cannot detect everything only standing or only laying down.

I know that it feels difficult to ask for check-ups currently because of the pandemic but as Dr Nighat Arif says in this video your GP does see you if there are signs of cancer that you need to have checked out.

video credit: BBC Breakfast via YouTube

I do mine in front of the mirror first and then laying down. There I first check under my arms and then going around my breast in a circular motion towards the nipple. I have also started a diary where I write down how my breasts feel and what has changed from last time. This helps to figure out what’s “normal” and what isn’t.

So, please, if you haven’t started a habit of checking your breasts (that’s for you guys too because men can get it also) yet, start today. Early detection is so important.

Happy Saturday to you all despite everything.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember to check your breast monthly 😉

9 thoughts on “Let’s Do A Reminder Once A Month ~ #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

  1. I’ve always had trouble with my right one. I had it checked by ultrasound this summer along with the lymph nodes. They never give me an answer as to what’s causing my troubles but it seems my tissue is extremely dense. I know I need to examine myself because of this, but I hate it. I know that’s stupid. Or dense lol. I hate the way the lumps feel and doctors have laughed at me when I bring it up, so I almost am afraid to find something because I worry they won’t take me seriously.

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    1. I fully understand that. I told my doctors for two years I had trouble with my lymph nodes on the left side and was told it’s all normal. And then – bang – breast cancer stage three lymph nodes affected. But I feel that is exactly why I want to do those posts so we can share these experiences, encourage each other to do it anyway and maybe even develop the courage to push against obnoxious doctors 🤗

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      1. Just keep checking and record any changes you feel. If anything feels wrong keep at the doctors to check it. I know the impostor syndrome is big in us women but maybe we need to get over that and make doctors do their jobs 🤗

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