When You Do Not Know What You Are Doing

Sigh. You might have seen that my domain went back to the free WordPress.com version which is less than ideal. The “downloads” in it makes it look like spam. Despite having 51 years on my back I still haven’t figured out how to think things through first and then act.

This blog was first meant to be a place where people could download stuff for my old self-hosted blog that I had with GoDaddy. Because of financial trouble, I had to stop that one. As I was in no good place back then I just kept using this one and added thebeewrites.com domain to it with a WordPress.com contract. Since then things have looked up and I have another project with Ionos which is much cheaper than the WP offers.

So, I moved thebeewrites.com to Ionos not remembering that when I go self-hosted, all of you have to sign up again. I don’t want that. That is why I leave this blog with the spammy looking domain and use thebeewrites.com for another project I have planned. I also changed the name of this blog and its subtitle in the hope it makes it clear this is not spam.

Sigh. Let’s hope this keeps working despite my incompetence 😉

Have a lovely evening my dears. Or morning, of course. Or afternoon depending on when you read 🙂

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember you rock!

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