Gosh, We Didn’t See That One Coming

Hello everybody, how are you? We are well but a little overwhelmed. Last Wednesday our house went on the market. We knew it is in a prime location and that there would be interest despite it needing a lot of work done. But by no means did we expect that much interest.

Within two hours we had four viewings booked and spent our weekend showing people around. We chose one of the online estate agents and do the viewings ourselves. But, gosh, is it stressful to be a tour guide in your own house.

But never mind. It means we will get it sold one way or another and so far people have been very polite and even put on masks when asked. It were only two out of 8 people who came without but we were prepared 😊

Just now the gentleman came to put up the sign so maybe we’ll get even more to do. So far no offer that is quite what we need for our new start but we’ll get there. So all in all everything is well.

I hope all of you are well too. So please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

GIF source: Tenor

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