Hi Ladies, Let’s Do That B…job πŸ˜Ž

LOL did I get you with that one? 🀣

No, I am not advertising for surgical improvements to your physique but want to create a monthly reminder for us ladies to do the self-examination of our breasts. πŸ€— It’s so easy to forget when you are busy. But it might be crucial in detecting breast cancer early which means less invasive treatment and, gosh, do you want less invasive treatment if you happen to find any signs of cancer πŸ‘

Why do I write this post on the last day of the month? I chose it for my own self- examination as I do not menstruate anymore. We are adviced to choose one day of the month if we are past menopause and a couple of days after our period if we still do.

I am happy to report mine are fine. There are no changes of my nipples nor any discharge. I had a couple of cysts at the beginning of the year on my right side but they seem to have vanished. Otherwise just the usual bits and bobs that make a female breast.

Throughout my life I had lots of trouble with cysts. They are little liquid-filled sacks that can get quite big and painful. They can be drained in that case but they often change size so doctors usually only do that if they are quite huge.

The difference between a cyst lump and a cancer lump is that the cancer lump is hard while a cyst has a softer somehow squishy feel. Women’s breast go through lots of changes and often develop lumps of some sort. They are usually benign and nothing to worry about.

However, you should have them checked out anyway, especially if you have a family history of cancer. I know, it’s sometimes hard to get appointments especially now in Covid times but if nothing else it’s a question of less costs for your health care provider if cancer is detected early and they don’t have to give the whole shebang of cancer treatment. Plus, it gives you peace of mind when you know it’s nothing to worry about.

If you, like me, have trouble to ask for further treatment, I suggest you take a trusted person with you to see your GP or see if your health care provider offers patient advocates. My experience is, that health care providers examine you more thoroughly and offer further options if you have a witness with you. It shouldn’t be like that, I know, but we are all human. It’s also nicer to have someone with you when you worry about lumps.

Well, that’s my thoughts on self-examination for this month. If you are new to breast self-examination check out last months post for video’s on how to do it. If you already do it, please feel free to share any advice or resource that help you.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday season despite everything. Sending you love & good vibes πŸ€—

Please stay safe, stay kind and check your boobs 😁

10 thoughts on “Hi Ladies, Let’s Do That B…job πŸ˜Ž

  1. Hi Bee. I check myself every time I have a shower, and do my exercises every day. My GP is aware of my concerns and when I rang to say ‘the football’ under my right arm felt different (I lost my right breast in 2019), I was seen straight away and had an ultrasound and mammogram within a fortnight. The latter was to be scheduled anyway but they were done together and everything is fine.
    Good reminder. Keep safe and well.

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  2. Good advice, Bee. I do this every month and also have a mammogram and sonar every year. I have very fibrous tissue and every year the radiologist raises an alarm and I have to have rounds of extra testing. To date, it’s all been fine.

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