Hi Ladies, Let’s Do That B…job 😎

10 thoughts on “Hi Ladies, Let’s Do That B…job 😎”

  1. Hi Bee. I check myself every time I have a shower, and do my exercises every day. My GP is aware of my concerns and when I rang to say ‘the football’ under my right arm felt different (I lost my right breast in 2019), I was seen straight away and had an ultrasound and mammogram within a fortnight. The latter was to be scheduled anyway but they were done together and everything is fine.
    Good reminder. Keep safe and well.

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  2. Good advice, Bee. I do this every month and also have a mammogram and sonar every year. I have very fibrous tissue and every year the radiologist raises an alarm and I have to have rounds of extra testing. To date, it’s all been fine.

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