The Pirates Are Coming!

Once, in another life, I was cruising the Dutch canals on a hire yacht with friends. For fun, we put up a little pirate flag which scared the sh.. out of a boy in one of the harbours we went to. He cried out in despair:”The pirates are coming!” Not sure how much ice cream his parents had to splash out on to calm him down 😂

Why do I tell you this little story?

Well, it’s Thursday and on Thursdays at 6pm one of our favourite boat vloggers publishes her next episode. Her name is Heidi Manning and she travels on “The Rum Wench” with a pirate flag on. Because she is ” The Narrowboat Pirate” 😁

She is a DJ, creates her own music with dubious titles (or what shall I think of “Chapel Hat Pegs” 🤣) and funny badges that you can order from her page. I love her down to earth way of dealing with everything life throws at her from blacking her boat to carrying her ancient pug in a stroller 😘. And yes sometimes you are treated to “pug cam” on her channel.

What’s it all about? Well, take a look for yourself:

Video credit: Heidi Manning via YouTube

Have you ever travelled under a pirate flag? Please, share your stories no matter if true or being some boaters yarn 😁 (Or especially the boaters yarn 😘)

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember not to let anyone make you walk the plank 🤣

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