I Am Terrified Or What Are We Going To Do With All That Stuff?

4 thoughts on “I Am Terrified Or What Are We Going To Do With All That Stuff?”

  1. Oh I know where you are Bee! Good for you with storage. We got rid of everything and so had nothing when we had to sell the boat and come back to land living.
    Plants………… many narrow boats have gardens on top of their boats. Depending on the plants would determine what would survive. We tried to grow onions in boxes on the roof and tomatoes in buckets on the bow. One tomato and a load of soil, not a single onion. If you go up to the canals before you get the boat, you could always ask other boaters what they do. We found them a godsend and were offered loads of advice on a majority of topics. They are only too willing to help. Good luck

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    1. Hi Di, I was more thinking of house plants not so much of fruit or veg. We hope to find a boat with a good Welldeck and cover that we could use as a greenhouse for tomatoes and herbs. The best husband has lots of knowledge about growing veg so we’ll figure that one out.
      The boating community seems very helpful as all bloggers we’ve seen so far said that everybody helped them. I can’t wait. Thanks for your kind words. You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to hear from someone who understands where we are at πŸ€—.

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