We Are discovering Vloggers

Good evening everybody, how’s it going? I hope you are rocking your life and won’t let anything or anyone get in your way.

Since 2020 the best husband and I have increasingly become annoyed with the free tv offerings here in the UK. At first, we were like Statler and Waldorf. I never knew I know so many swear words. 😉

Then we discovered boat vloggers on YouTube. They lasted us about year. Well, we still watch several whom I will share later in the year but we got curious what else is out there in the YouTubeVerse.

Well, the YouTube AI made us some offerings and we thought: “Might as well…”

This young lady from Sweden is one of our favourites. She is a photographer and helps her jewellery making partner and she makes absolutely beautiful videos about the North of Sweden. Please check Jonna Jinton and her best life out:

video credit: Jonna Jinton via YouTube

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember to watch something you enjoy!!!!


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