Re-post: Momo (A sort of Book Review)

Recently I thought a lot about this book and how I always wanted to be like Momo. Being able to listen and to shut up so that those around me can find their own answers. I don’t think, I’ve managed this very well. But there is still time to learn. Here are my thoughts about the book from 2011.

July 2011

I can not remember how old I was when I got the book MOMO from Michael Ende.

Instantly I loved it. I wanted to be like her and in away, still, want to.So what is the book all about?

Momo a strange girl comes to town and lives on her own in the ruin of an ancient amphitheatre. With time not only the children of the neighbourhood but also the adults start to appreciate her incredible ability to listen. Just with listening, she solves disputes of all kinds. Her secret is she has time!

But time is what the grey gentlemen are after. One by one they approach her friends and make them save time. They promise them to fulfil their dreams or gain success. The truth though is that no one has time left as the grey gentlemen who live on it store it in a secret place. They even try to approach Momo but they can not get her to save time. The grey gentlemen do not give up though and make a plan to get her into a home but she meets Cassiopeia a tortoise which can see 30 minutes into the future. She leads Momo to Professor Secundus Minutus Horas ( Second Minute Hour) who teaches her about her own lifetime and sends her on an adventure to save her friends and time.

I love the way Michael Ende sets the story in an unnamed kind of Italian style city and the symbols he chooses. There are many but the one that stayed in my heart is that of peoples lifetime being a lotus flower on a pond somewhere in professor Secundus Minutus Hora’s place. The lotus flower of every person on earth appears grows shines and then dies. Momo is given one of those to save her friends and time itself.

It is a tale about how modern people spend their time supposedly saving it but actually, the opposite happens. I think it is not only a children’s tale but especially one that adults should read now and then.

video credit: Let’s Learn Languages Together via YouTube

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