Ladies Of A Certain Age, I Need To Pick Your Brain…

Hello, out there ladies, who have been through menopause. I need to pick your brain or more need to get some input if you feel like sharing your experience.

My periods have stopped in September 2019 which is really early. Apparently, a “normal” woman in the UK starts the process of menopause just over age 50. I believe, I started when I was 43 even though I do not have an official diagnosis of “early menopause”. That wasn’t a thing back then. By 49 I was done with the whole business which I didn’t mind in the least. I can happily do without strong periods, iron deficiencies and the pain. Oh my goodness the pain, was awful in the end.

However, it is a major change in how I experience myself and life in general and I am not sure if that is just me or the aftermath of cancer treatment or menopause. I could not find much helpful literature or information anywhere about how you change when you reach the crone stage of life. Unless you want help with hot flashes and mood swings.

The changes that make me wonder are:

brainfog, things that used to be important don’t seem to be that important anymore and I seem to constantly stand beside me just that little bit.

I love blogging. I love writing poetry. I love reading but since 2013 when I assume I started “the change” I had on and off times where I simply could not to any of it. My memory was never particularly good and I always lived a little bit in my own little world but now my brain simply doesn’t compute some things. I can only think about the next step and I always feel like I am missing something important. God bless the “To Do List”! I always feel like I stand slightly beside me wondering what the heck this Bee person is doing here.

Can that be down to my hormones and the changes that menopause brings? Do you experience something similar since your periods have stopped? Feel free to send me an email (bee.halton(at) instead of commenting as this is a very personal and sensitive topic but I thought it might be good for all of us to get down and dirty with how it is when you get older as a woman.

source: madamenoir via Giphy

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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