Standing With Ukraine

I wanted to publish this post in a couple of weeks. When I wrote it we had no war. Now everything has changed. The vlogger I wanted to introduce you too did a livestream yesterday because so many of his followers asked if he and his family is safe and what we can do to help.

So, I decided to move this post forward and add the lifestream. Please, check out his channel for an inside view of this awful war! Please, also give a like and a follow.

The video is mainly in English but he answers some of his Ukrainian and I think Russian followers too.

Video credit: Pavlo from Ukraine via YouTube

I leave the original post here too to also give you an insight how he usually vlogs:

“Today I take you away with me to the Ukraine. No, I am not bothering you with Putin or a looming war. I introduce you to Pavlo & Luba from Ukraine.

Pavlo shares how people live in the Ukraine both in Kiev and in the rural areas where their families live. The title of his channel “Pavlo from Ukraine” made us laugh so we checked him out and got drawn in.

It’s amazing to see how self-sufficient rural Ukrainians live but he also shares where to ski or which sort of Burger you can get at a Ukrainian McDonnalds.

Luba just recently started her own channel where she shares Ukrainian food and recipes. Mostly she just shows her content and you can read what’s going on as she doesn’t feel confident speaking English yet.

She does a lot of al fresco cooking which we find quite cool on her channel ” Luba from Ukraine“. But she also shares “girly” Ukrainian content. Please, check out both of them, give a like and maybe even a follow.

And here are two of their videos:

Video credit: Pavlo from Ukraine via YouTube
Video credit: Luba from Ukraine via YouTube

Please stay safe, stay kind, and please stand with Ukraine in any way you can. Thanks

5 thoughts on “Standing With Ukraine

    1. It makes me feel so helpless and stuck in a toxic system of money making. No one did anything about Putin when he interfered in Syria because Russia sells us so much gas. That was the time we could have stopped him. He has build his plan over years while we were occupied with Trump and Brexit. He is now executing it and probably laughing at all of us. Russia wouldn’t have so much power if we had renewable energy on a grande scale. And if human rights really had any value in Western societies and not just money making instead 😠


      1. So do I and Putin has planned that for a very long time. After all he got into power via a putsch, is ex KGB and has worked to divide the West for years. We should fight climate change not another senseless war. 😞


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