I give you a month of YouTube, sorry ;-)

Hi peeps, how are you? I hope you survived ” The Very Random Challenge” in February. Again, thanks to all who made it great fun. So…

Originally, I had planned to do a YouTube month in April to share the boatubers we are watching and some other interesting topics too. However, I changed my mind and do this in March. It won’t be only BoatTubers but also some young creatives, travel vloggers, and other interesting stuff we like to follow.

Today’s is one we watched on and off: They are Joanna & Victor who own “Holly The Cafeboat”. Since November they are ” Three in two Boats” as they were joined by their newborn son William. I said “two boats” because they live on one and work on the other. Currently their channel is less about boating and more about being a young family and exploring the area where they are currently moored.

But less words from me now and over to Holly and their owners

It’s worth following them and watching their journey from the beginning.

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Please stay safe, stay kind, and remember you rock!

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