There Is A Lot You Can Do In Skirts

I know, not all of you are interested in Narrowboating on the British canal system and neither do we watch BoatTubers all the time. One YouTube channel we come back to time and time again is “Mother The Mountain Farm” from Australia. Sisters Julia & Anastacia Vanderbyl give weekly reports on their permaculture forest farm. They are filmed by their mum and show how they care for their animals, harvest fruit and vegetables and cook or preserve them. Julia is an artist and Anastacia a fashion designer. Their mission is to create a self-sufficient future for themselves and to rewild the area of their farm. The farm was started by their grandparents and kept going by their parents and now they are taking over responsibilities.

What always fascinates me is how much these young women can manage in skirts or dresses. I think we’ve only seen them wearing trousers when they were building their home from an old barn. Otherwise their skirts do not stop them from anything. And they are a happy bunch who always cheer you up with their antics of making their ducks wear flowers or cuddling their goats. They always make sure to honour the Arakwal and Minjungbal People of the Bundjalung Nation who lived in the area before them and who invented many of the agricultural practises this family uses. An absolute delight to watch.

Here I share with you a video in which they explain their journey:

(If the video doesn’t play, click on the link underneath it which leads to its YouTube location)

video credit: Mother The Mountain via YouTube

You can also follow the farm and Julia and Anastacia on Instagram

I hope these young women and their farm give you as much joy as they do us. And if you can, please, support their channels, their Patreon or their buy their work. It is even a huge support if you just follow their channels. Thanks.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember you rock (which means skirt in German LOL)

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