Escape With Jonna To Northern Sweden

One of my absolute favourites on YouTube is filmmaker & artist Jonna Jinton.

Originally from Gothenburgh she moved with her partner jewellery maker Johann to Northern Sweden a couple of years ago.

They live in a village close to parts of her family and it is so lovely to see how they help each other. Swedish lifestyle includes a lot of foraginging for berries in the few summer months they have but also wild swimming. Jonna and Johann have started even to swim in Winter. Brrrr.

Jonna is on a spiritual journey in nature and some of her videos include so-called “singing ice”. She lives at the shores of a beautiful lake which freezes in winter. Then she puts her microphones and cameras out and captures the sounds the ice makes. These videos are captivating and calming.

Ah, there is so much more to discover on her channel. Her sweet dog accompanies her everywhere unless he runs away 🙃. Their online business selling jewellery & art grows so they are employing friends and family. And have I mentioned how gorgeous the jewellery is? Or the Northern lights? Or her singing?

Well, check Jonna’s channel out here. And give her a like or even a follow if she captivates you like she does me 🙂

Please, follow the link in the description of the video if it doesn’t play here on the blog.

Video credit: Jonna Jinton via YouTube

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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