A Scottish Lady on The English & Welsh Canal system

Many of the newer BoatTubers used to live and travel in a van previously. Either the pandemic or simply wanting more space made them move to a boat.

This was the reason for Kayleigh who did that move last year. She is now on her second boat but showed on her channel “Narrowboat & Lifestyle” how she renovated her first boat with the help of a friend.

She is one of those boaters who choose to stay in a marina over winter and continuously cruise in summer. Unfortunately, her last video is from December. She had planned to show the renovation of her new boat so stay tuned for more content.

Please, check out her previous videos because she is very informative about boating life in general but also shows some lovely cruises.

And as always: please give her video a like and her channel a follow if you like what she does.

Narrowboat & Lifestyle

Please follow the link in the description of the video if it does not play here on the blog. It leads to its YouTube location.

Video credit: Narrowboat & Lifestyle via Youtube

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock.

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