Travel Through Germany With A Canadian Couple

I was a bit in a “let’s research my roots” mood a couple of weeks ago. So I looked for some videos about Germany on YouTube and stumbled over Canadians Audrey & Samuel who aren’t your usual travel vloggers.

Both have lived for a while in Germany and came back recently to do some city and country visits which they filmed too. You can see not only the “big” places like Hamburg or Berlin but also smaller but very picturesque places like Celle or Lueneburg and that is why they drew me in.

I just love their fun way of describing where they are, what they have planned, and where they are staying. They are foodies and have a food playlist in their channel besides their travel videos from all over the world. If you are learning Spanish you might like their Spanish channel too which looks like it’s full of the same videos as on the English YouTube channel.

But they are not only about travel. They show you their Canada in some videos and are also interested in so-called “Tiny Living”. If you haven’t heard of that yet: “Tiny Living” is an expression for people who choose to live in very small places often with very creative and/or eco-conscious architecture and lifestyles. Audrey & Samuels channel is definitely worth checking out. And as always please be so kind to leave a like or a follow to show your appreciation for their work.

And here is one of their videos about Germany.

( Please, follow the link underneath the video if it does not play on the blog. It leads to the YouTube location of the blog)

video credit: Samuel & Audrey via YouTube

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stay kind,

and remember you rock!


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