Maybe I Shouldn’t Share This Channels Title?

When I wrote this post the war in Ukraine had just started and Putin simply put his nuclear reaction team on high alert. I do not know how the situation is now but I fear he might be up to the big bang of atomic warfare.

So, I was wondering if I should really share “Atomic Shrimps” YouTube channel. However, his content is so versatile, curious, and informative I just can’t let you go without knowing it. So what is it all about?

If only I knew. LOL. I better let the vlogger (I do not know his name, sorry) say it in his own words: “Atomic Shrimp is about ideas. Ideas that lead to crafts, inventions and recipes, investigations, new skills, and the general appreciation of being alive. It’s also about looking at the world with curiosity and wonder, appreciating the small things, loving the underdog and embracing new things at the same time as cherishing older traditions, or sometimes turning them upside down.

The best husband followed him on Instagram because he does a lot of foraging which we are very interested in. But on his channel, we often watch his curious food projects like “Limited Budget Challenge – £5 for 5 Days – DAY 1“. While we do not agree with all he does (of course we don’t we are vegetarians and he isn’t) we find many interesting tips that we intend to integrate into our life.

But he also shows where he walks his dog, what you can find on the beach, or if an art app is worth its while. Talking of versatile. So, I am not saying much more but leave you with one of his videos to get an idea. And as always, please, leave him a like or even a follow if you like his content.

( Please, follow the link underneath the video if it does not play on the blog. It leads to the YouTube location of the blog)

video credit: Atomic Shrimp via YouTube

I hope this boggled your mind as much as it did mine 😉

Please stay safe,

stay kind,

and remember you rock!


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