Not Another Strange English Expression!!!!!

Hi there, did you expect another BoatTuber here on “The Bee Writes…”? If so, then you are lucky because well, yes, I alternate between narrowboat vloggers and other channels we or I like. Today’s channel is called “Chugging Along” which, as far as I can see, means “moving or moving something along slowly“. And yes, narrowboats are rather slow.

Today we visit Tim & Sam on Mary L who used to teach English in China but the pandemic turned their life upside down. So they decided to come back to the UK and move on a narrowboat. But that is not all. They also invented a cute board game about which you hear a little later. They share their journey, their experiences, and their adventures for a year now and it is always lovely to see these two charming young people braving the cut.

In the beginning, they showed you around their tiny home and then went on to share what continuous cruising means for them. Sometimes their families are with them for a little getaway or they meet other boattubers either on the cut or on festivals and events. It’s always interesting to follow their days. And they do live quizzes too!

And what’s that game all about? Well, I haven’t bought or played it yet but it looks cool to me. I assume it’s a little like Monopoli for Canal enthusiasts as you are supposed to create a canal empire and 2-6 people can play it. What is it called? Argy Bargey!

(Please, follow the link underneath the video if it does not play on the blog. It leads to the video’s YouTube location)

(video credit: Chugging Along via YouTube)

I hope you enjoy chugging along and maybe even playing Argy Bargey.


Please stay safe, stay kind, and remember you rock!

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