How to get accurate information in the internet age?

When the Internet got wider available for all of us it was hailed as the place for freedom of speech and freedom of information gathering too. Then the extremists (left & right), the politicians (of all hues, I assume), and big business found their way in. They all have an agenda. We all might not be aware of what that agenda is. So is it “objective” and “free” information we get?

I do not know the answer but I have recently started to watch different news channels both from Britain and abroad to see which slant each take on current events. And it is astonishing how different each of them reports the news. The BBC seemed to have had an undertone of “Russia will win anyway but how is the most emotional way of showing what goes on in the city of Kiyv, for example. And, of course, our poor, poor ex-pats. Oh, and let’s drop in a couple of refugee stories too but make sure we show how wonderful we collect stuff for them. France 24 and Deutsche Welle emphasized how brave the Ukrainians fight against the Kremlin’s forces (I doubt this is a war of the Russian people. It is a fantasy of Poutine (is this the French way of writing Putin?) ), how Poutine has miscalculated his approach on Ukraine and how “wonderful” the EU countries at Ukraine’s border are taking in refugees. Al Jazeera showed how China is involved and how everyone wonders what their influence will be.

Don’t get me wrong. This is only a very subjective impression from me and only from one day of watching the news. But I still feel, it shows that it’s important to watch and read different news outlets to find different angles on a situation as well as get a broader picture. And mostly: Do not trust your country’s news agencies. They always try to make your country look the best…

There are many news channels from all over the world that broadcast news in English on YouTube and if you own a Roku player they have also many news channels you can download. Unfortunately, Trump’s channel is amongst them…

Here is a collection of news channels you can watch on YouTube, if you are so inclined. If you have enough of the news and watch none: I don’t blame you!!!!

( Please, follow the link underneath the videos if they do not play on the blog. They lead to the YouTube location of the video)

France 24 in English

video credit: France 24 on YouTube

Deutsche Welle/ DW in English

video credit: DW on YouTube


video credit: BBC on YouTube

Al Jazeera

video credit: Al Jazeera via YouTube

Sky News

Video Credit: Sky News via YouTube

9 News Australia

video credit: 9News via YouTube


video credit: CNN via YouTube

India Today

video credit: India Today via YouTube


video credit: CNA via YouTube

Democracy Now

video credit: Democracy Now via YouTube

There are, of course, many more but we only have 24 hours a day 😉

Please stay safe,

stay kind,

and remember to inform yourself widely!


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