A new week a new BoatTuber

It’s funny how you start caring for people whom you never physically met but because they share their life and their passions online they sort of become part of the family.

For us, this is certainly the case with Alan from My Narrowboat venture. We started watching him because we absolutely love his eccentric way of saying “Good Bye” after his videos: His “By for now” is epic and our week isn’t the same if we can’t see him.

He recently revealed that he has a girlfriend who slowly becomes part of his videos which is so nice to see. So besides, his videos about historic sites in the UK, how a lock or canal is maintained, and how he maintains his boat there soon will be some foody vlogs too.

Alan is very thorough in his reporting which can be a bit longwinded at times but you definitely go away wiser afterward. So please, check out “My Narrowboat Venture” and give a like or even a follow if you like what he does. Oh, don’t get confused: He also has a van and shares his travels with it too 🙂

(Please, follow the link underneath the video if it does not play on the blog. It leads to the video’s YouTube location)

video credit: My Narrowboat Venture via YouTube

I hope you enjoy my suggestions. Could I entice you to check out vlogs too? Or have you done so anyway and can give some suggestions?


Please stay safe, stay kind, and remember you rock!

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