Moss and her bottom or how Poutine stole our narrowboat

No, no, no, no we haven’t purchased a narrowboat yet. But we have another buyer for the house which means we are probably moving at the end of June. I say probably because we haven’t exchanged contracts yet. As we saw with the last buyer until then we might not be able to fulfill our dream.

However, we have become a bit unsure if narrowboat life in times of Poutine (I think it’s the French way of saying Putin) attacking everything and everyone is a wise decision. Our alternative has always been to move to Ireland because it has a pre-EU-membership pact with the UK which means the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world can move there without needing a visa. We can also move our benefits etc over and Andy can get his pension there. The downside is that I will lose my settled status after five years. But if we leave the UK we do not want to come back despite leaving family behind.

We do not feel safe or at home in Brexit Britain and, in fact, are wondering since June 2016 if it would be better to leave the country to give the children a port of call in the EU and simply get out of a country that we absolutely do not recognize anymore. If I’d known, that half of Britain is so against the EU, I would never have come. I would have gone to Switzerland. I chose the UK because it was in the EU. Well, that is how much you can misjudge things. So if you want to move to another country do your research well… (Does Ireland want to leave the EU? I hope not!!!!!!)

But our misgivings about Brexit aside this month is about vloggers that we like to watch and one of them is “Mossy Bottom“. Mossy Bottom is a self-sufficient farm in the west of Ireland. Moss is Daniel’s dog and Daniel came to Ireland many moons ago. He first worked in Dublin (I think) and then decided that self-sufficiency is the way forward. He purchased a derelict cottage with some land around, put a caravan on the plot, and started a smallholding with some animals and now even with volunteers who help him. And he started a YouTube channel to share his experiences.

His is another very versatile channel because I stumbled over it when I was looking into Celtic mythology. Besides sharing his journey to self-sufficiency he also shares stories and Irish tales. If you are interested in gardening, farming, and storytelling please check Mossy Bottom out. Today I share the video that made us watch him. It is such a cool story!!!!

As always, please give him a like or even a follow.

( Please, follow the link underneath the videos if they do not play on the blog. They lead to the YouTube location of the video)

video credit: Mossy Bottom via YouTube

Please stay safe,

stay kind,

and remember to listen to a story!


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