Cruising with Johny London

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you doing? I hope life treats you well and if not that you find all the support you need. Today we are back on the English canals with Johny London. Now I am not sure if his last name is like this or it’s “Landon”. He doesn’t have any other social media advertised and no homepage or blog either so I’ve never seen his name written. His accent though makes it sound like “Landon”. It probably doesn’t matter but I do not like to offend people by writing their names wrong. It happens enough because of my fuzzy brain so when I can avoid it I try to 🙂

Johny bought a new narrowboat but has used his time well to upgrade it to his liking. He shares in his vlog his travels, his DIY projects (he recently painted his boat absolutely beautifully), and other interesting facts. Some might find it a bit odd but I can’t stop laughing about him joking that he makes apple strudel himself when he eats shop-bought strudel. There is lots to discover on “Project Narrowboat” so please head over to his channel and check it out. I share his latest video on cruising the Grand Union Canal.

Please have fun and give a like or even a follow if you like his style 😉

(Please, follow the link underneath the video if it does not play on the blog. It leads to the video’s YouTube location)

video credit: Project Narrowboat via YouTube

I hope you enjoy my suggestions. Could I entice you to check out vlogs too? Or have you done so anyway and can give some suggestions?

Please stay safe, stay kind, and remember you rock!


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