Chuckle With Some German Shepherds

Hi peeps, how are you? I am currently not in a particularly conversational mood. Somehow I feel I need some seclusion to be able to listen to my heart and soul. But that doesn’t mean that I leave you high and dry without a couple of last vlogs that make us happy.

Today’s is a wonderful blog about originally two now three Sable German Shepherd Dogs. Now, I am not a particular fan of German Shepherd’s. I do not know why but they simply do not appeal to me even though I know they make lovely pets if treated right and well. Like all dog breeds really! These three might change my mind anyway.

I am talking about Jade, Jasper, and Jet who live with their hoomans, and every now and then they review food on their channel. They are incredibly well trained and it just makes me smile when I see the heads of all three in unison move to watch their hoomans giving them food. So, so, so cute.

If you check out their channel you’ll find lots of informative playlists about life with German Shepherds and some funnies too. They are definitely worth checking out. So please head over, give a like or even a follow if you like what they do and enjoy some fun 🙂

( Please, follow the link underneath the videos if they do not play on the blog. They lead to the YouTube location of the video)

video credit: Jade the Sable GSD via YouTube

Are you watching vlogs? And if which vlogs do you like? Would love to get some more suggestions 🙂

Please stay safe,

stay kind,

and remember you can travel on your sofa!


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