To Africa Or Not To Africa, That Is The Question

Hello, all you lovely people. Do you have enough of my vlogger suggestions? Well, only a couple more to come, and then “The Bee Writes…” is off to new adventures.

Today, I introduce you to Chesca and Ben who are currently traveling in the East of Europe in their van Sophia. I think David from “Cruising the Cut” introduced us to this lovely couple too in his video on New Year’s Day. They had planned to go to Africa with Sophia which is why they made the van a more sturdy travel “companion” two winters ago.

They spent the last winter in Turkey and are now heading back into the EU and to new adventures which they reveal in this video. They also found two dogs on their travels. As the dogs need pet passports for traveling they made a stop in Thessaloniki at a vet that they know. Please enjoy and give a like or even a follow if you enjoy them as much as I do.

( Please, follow the link underneath the videos if they do not play on the blog. They lead to the YouTube location of the video)

video credit: Overlanding Sophia via YouTube

Do you watch vloggers? If so which are your favorites?

Please stay safe,

stay kind,

and remember you can travel on your sofa!


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