They Drive Me Crazy

Today, I introduce you to Tania and Adam who are driving me crazy. Ah, no, they are another lovely traveling couple who recently showed us the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland where Tania comes from. However, they decided to try out something else and travel in Costa Rica with another traveling couple from the Netherlands. AAAAANNNNNDDDDD they haven’t made a new video yet. They just tease me with their Instagram photos and I so, so, so, so want to know what Costa Rica looks like.

I think David from “Cruising the Cut” introduced us to “Jits Into The Sunset” in his video on New Year’s Day. Jitters is the van of Adams’s mum who passed away from cancer but spent her last years traveling in her van. So Tania and Adam try to keep his mum’s memory alive by following in her footsteps.

Please, check their channel out and enjoy this video about their adventures in Slovenia 🙂

( Please, follow the link underneath the videos if they do not play on the blog. They lead to the YouTube location of the video)

video credit: Jits Into The Sunset via YouTube

Do you watch vloggers? If so which are your favorites?

Please stay safe,

stay kind,

and remember you can travel on your sofa!


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