Happy, New Week Despite Everything

My goodness, haven’t we seen enough chaos in our lives? The world as I knew it has changed at least 4-5 times since I was born: the wall coming down, 9/11, brexit, pandemic and now the war in Ukraine.

It is sometimes hard to stay positive and not to worry about stuff that is not in our hands. Putin will do what his sad mind plans to do no matter if we go on the streets to protest or the Russian people try to get rid of him.

In times like these music often keeps me balanced or expresses what I think and feel. I am constantly humming the English part of the song that I share with you today:

“War, war, war, nothing but destruction!

Video credit: Wiyaala via YouTube

You can find the translation of the non-English parts here and more about Wiyaala here.

Do you have a song that keeps balanced in difficult times?

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember you rock!

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