Food From Azerbaijan?

If you would have asked me a year ago, if I like videos that have no audio explanations of what is going on, I simply would have said “NO”.

But life changes. And man & woman how life has changed in the last 6 years. I have to admit that the constant fear noise of the news and other tv programs starts to bother me a lot. I get angry about the hypocrisy of refugees from Ukraine being refugees and needing our help, but from Syria, they are stealing our money, and that their cities, which often have a much older culture than many European cities, are destroyed can’t be helped. Putin is responsible for both.

I start feeling sick when I see Western Industrial countries now pandering to Saudi Arabia, which recently executed 81 men many of which were of a minority in the country, to give them more oil. So we go from one ruler, who doesn’t uphold human rights to another just for the sake of our economies? Don’t get me wrong: Of course, it is important that our economies thrive but I feel all these recent “catastrophes” are our chance to go renewable instead of putting more money into an unjust oil economy. But what do I know?

So when we stumbled over a video by an Azerbaijani film-maker who shares village life in a beautiful but uncommented way we felt relieved. It is so nice to watch how other people live, what they eat, how they garden. Please, check out Country Lives Vlog and enjoy

( Please, follow the link underneath the video if it does not play on the blog. It leads to the YouTube location of the blog)

video credit: Country Life Vlog via YouTube

I hope this video calmed you down as it does me 🙂

Can you imagine? March is over and “The Bee Writes…” is off for another project. Please stay tuned &

stay safe,

stay kind,

and remember you rock!


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