April, April

Today is a day for jokers. “April’s Fools” probably has a long tradition but do you English speaking people also do practical jokes on your fellow humans and then shout “April, April”?

Well, that’s how we do it in Germany. Or did it when I was young half a century ago. Good grief, half a fu…..century. Well, maybe they don’t do it like that anymore. It’s been a while since I have been to the country of my birth on April the first. Around 15 years or so.

But I digress. Of course, you don’t shout “April, April”. It’s “April Fool” in these parts of the world. How long have I been here?

Gif source Tenor

Oh dang, what I really wanted to write about was this days origins and it looks like, guess what, historians have more than one theory:

Either the French got their new year wrong in the 16th century or Cybele, Osiris, Isis and Seth had something to do with it or we blame it on mother nature: the vernal equinox is the beginning of spring on the Northern Hemisphere and we are fooled with unpredictable weather. You can read more about it on history.com.

I am not a practical joker and never liked this day particularly. Even though I have to admit that I find the BBC’s joke of a Spaghetti Tree being farmed at the Swiss-Italian Border from the 1950’s absolutely hilarious.

Video credit: BBC Panorama Video source: My Switzerland via YouTube

Incredible. And later they invented smelly telly 🤣

Video credit: countdown w/Fresh via YouTube

I hope I could cheer you up a little. Do you do April’s Fools jokes? And if what was your best?

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember a good joke 🤣

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