I stand with Afghanistan

5 thoughts on “I stand with Afghanistan”

  1. Unfortunately, I think they’re gonna need to figure this out themselves at this point. The US spent twenty years training them and they barely put up a fight to defend their own country. The fact is, they have no history of democracy, only Sharia law which is antithetical to democracy. Things will only change when they want freedom more than Shariah. I’d put money on it that if you asked the people fleeing the country if they wanted Shariah, they would say yes. But there is no democratic version of that.

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    1. I know, but that is one point I am wondering: why go in in the first place. There were voices back then who pointed your points out. Even though I don’t believe that Sharia law can’t change like the laws changed here from Christian law to democracy. But I believe these cou ntries have a right to develop their own advancement fitting their traditions. It seems to me to be a bit of colonial thinking that western democracy is the only way. πŸ€—

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      1. Yes that makes sense they’ll have to develop their own tradition. Nothing is one size fits all. But I think human flourishing has to include some form of self-determination without fear.

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      2. I agree and am wondering a lot recently how this could happen. Is the idea of having our needs met from an early age on and being able to have meaningful work really enough for us to let go of fear or do we need to learn to face our fears and realise so often they are just an illusion? It’s probably not enough but might be a start. πŸ€—

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