Flashback: A muddled mind and Life’s Uncertainties

I wrote this post at the beginning of 2020. It seems like a life-time away with everything that happened since then. Just one constant in my life: my brain is still muddled 😁

Gif via Tenor

Sigh. My mind is rather muddled since the beginning of February. Looks like the big C has at last caught up with me. I had a biopsy in January, and it turned out to be cancer; however, it was “unexpected” as my doctor said. So I spent the last two weeks with several examinations which means driving 45 minutes to the main hospital and back through some rather rough traffic. I will get the results this Friday. The appointment was brought forward from next week Thursday to this week. And you can imagine that that weighs heavy on my mind.

So far, I kept up well as I always suspected I will be affected one day. But now that it gets closer to finding out what really is going on I am losing my cool a little.

The suspicion is primary breast cancer but it could be a lot more. Who knows…

4 thoughts on “Flashback: A muddled mind and Life’s Uncertainties

    1. Besides the side effects of the tamoxifen and constantly pain in my joints I am fine. It just feels so weird that it’s already been two years. I hope you and yours are well and you can enjoy the weather. 🤗


      1. I’m on Letrozole as I didn’t want to take tamoxifen due to the possible side effects and my arthritis is already playing my joints up.
        It’s been a lovely day today and we’ve been down on the beach with Maya. She was having a lot of fun running away from the waves and biting the foam.

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      2. That sounds lovely. I hope you can enjoy it. It was lovely and warm here but got rather cold over night. I walked Sherky in my winter coat 😁 I wasn’t offered anything else but if I have a review before we leave I’ll ask. And I suspect in Ireland things might be different anyway 🤗

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