I feel naked πŸ€―

Hi peeps, a new week is upon us and after two buckets of spicy coffee I might be capable of creating a sentence or two that make sense. “What” you might ask ” is wrong now, you moany old goat?”

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“Another sleepless night, my dears!” I would answer. I had no reason to be sleepless. Took the Tamoxifen in time, had my coffee early enough and not too much and I knitted before going to bed instead of playing mobile games.

Maybe it’s the extremely funky colours of the socks I’m knitting???? 😘

Yes, I know, soon I’ll take the London & Paris fashion scene by storm!!!

Well, thank goodness for Netflix and Amazon Prime because I hadn’t seen episode nine of “Picard” and am still working myself through Star Trek Voyager series 5 so I didn’t get bored…Duh πŸ™„

Gif source: Tenor

“And that makes you feel naked?” You could keep on asking. No, it doesn’t but you might have realised that “The Bee Writes” is public again. I have a dead link problem on my blog and I used some app to find them but for that I needed to let the AI or whatever that app uses see my blog. So I thought: ” Sod it (sorry for my language) let’s risk it and get on with life!” So far no backlash or ex-stalker around.

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But it feels strange not to have that little “it’s private” Protection around anymore. I could, of course, make it private again but I figured that would mean you all have to apply again and didn’t want to do that to you. Yes, my lovelies, I appreciate your eternal gratitude 🀣

I babble. Sorry. Maybe I go and take a nap? Or more coffee? What do you suggest?

Gif source: Tenor


10 thoughts on “I feel naked πŸ€―

  1. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I wonder if this is a Monday feeling as I, too, am experiencing similar to the contents of your post. Sleep patterns change as we age (one night to another unknown). Your socks (chuckled at how you referred to them) and ‘yepp’ little is private in this world anymore (even personal info although demands a fee). Keep with the ‘positive mental attitude’. 😊

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  2. Our sleep patterns have been erratic for months, and not just because we’ve got Maya now. Neither of us can remember a full night’s sleep. The most we are likely to get in one stretch now is 5 hours, maybe 6, but we’re working on that. Age (66), food and drink after a certain time, pain, stress, uncertainty and medication all play a part. My post cancer meds give me horrendous hot flushes which is why I take them at night as Hubby is always cold and says it’s like going to bed with a hot water bottle that never goes cold. Luckily, that is the only side effect and I can live with it.

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    1. I am sorry that you have so much trouble with sleeping. Since I take the tamoxifen in the morning and approximately at the same time it has calmed down for me a lot. I usually get on quite well with 4 or 5 hours at night. But 2 in the morning just don’t cut it πŸ˜‡. Hot flushes have calmed down too since I take it this way. So when I get one I always know I forgot to take it. 😁. I hope you’ll have a good week πŸ€—


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