A Diverse Sound Of Beauty

Hi peeps, let’s have some fun, shall we? 😍 May is always a month when I feel terribly down and cheering up is soarly needed so I thought I make the case for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Noooo, please, hear me out and give it a chance. 🤗 I know the prejudices of it being too political or too over the top. But, I feel, the truth is that today there is a little bit for everyone in it and that’s why it is a such a success. It’s also mostly about coming together, enjoying music and having an awful lot of fun.

And I have started to wonder, maybe such a contest and maybe everything in life should always be political. I feel it is one responsibility of art & music to question the status quo and calling truth to power. 🕯 Is it really so bad to let the Ukraine win this contest which would give the people of Ukraine a huge morale boost?

From what I’ve seen last year the voting system has been changed in a way that big countries with lots of people can’t out-vote smaller ones. And there have always been preferences from the audience of one country to another. That’s not anything you can change I feel. 🙃

This year’s motto is “The Sound Of Beauty”. I won’t comment on it because it doesn’t tell me much. But let’s have a look at the diversity of entries.

There is the “classical” Eurovision song which reminds of chanson, popular light music that many people like. Monica Liu’s entry from Lithuania is an example:

Video credit: Eurovisiontv via YouTube

No, it’s not one of my favourites. I am going to really bother you this year and do a “My top 5 Eurovision 2022 Songs” later 😜

Then there is “The happy song” which simply tries to make you happy like “our boy” Sam Ryders song “Spaceman”. May he be more successful than the last entrants from the UK 😇

Video credit: Eurovision TV via YouTube

One category that I really like is the “I sing in my mother tongue and add a touch of folklore to it – song”. There weren’t many this year but I guess Moldova’s entry is a good example:

Video credit: Eurovision TV via YouTube

Every now and then someone with a classical background comes along and gives it a try. I don’t think they do very well but some people enjoy this sort of song. Poland’s Ochman’s grandad was an opera singer and you can hear where he gets his voice from 😊:

Video credit: Eurovision TV via YouTube

Ever since the Grand Prix De La Chancon changed into the Eurovision Song Contest there were those songs I call “The weird & wonderful”. Holy moly where shall I start? There are a couple this year but I think the one that tops all is Serbia’s entry which is all about washing your hands and what happens when you have an ill mind in a healthy body:

Video credit: Eurovision TV via YouTube

These guys have a degree in architecture if I am rightly informed hence their band name.

OK, two more. Recently techno songs found their way in too but quite often they would very well fit “the weird & wonderful” category like Norway’s Subwoolfer:

Video credit: Eurovision TV via YouTube

And last but not least we have the ” I challenge gender and other stereotypes-songs”. Well, more the singers or bands. Israel’s Michael Ben David does a beautiful job of it this year:

Video credit: Eurovision TV via YouTube

Ooops, I nearly forgot a rather controversial category: “The hard rock/ metal” contingent gets a song or two too. San Marino jumped on that band wagon this year:

Video credit: Eurovision TV via YouTube

It’s quite a variety of songs and artists, isn’t it? I encourage you to check Saturdays Grand Finale out if you can get it and make up your own mind if the prejudices are (still) true. Or if it is a great evening full of fun and music.

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember to listen to some good music.

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