Good morning world

Yes, I know, I promised not to do another Eurovision Song Contest post but hey was that exciting last night.

Sam Ryder the UK entry managed to win the Jury vote but the public voted for Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra and I think so they should have. Even though I wonder how they are going to host Eurovision next year with a war possibly still going on.

Even though that would be a proper two finger salute to Putin, who I assume hates everything the Eurovision stands for.

And gosh, did the UK do well. After 25 years for the first time again on the winning side. I am so happy for Sam Ryder.

One thing that really got me was the beginning of the show: they managed to get a thousand people to play & sing outside the arena ” give peace a chance” which faded into the audience singing it too. That was lovely.

Video credit: ESC via YouTube

I think, John Lennon would be very proud 😇

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember to give peace a chance 🤗

4 thoughts on “Good morning world

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show in all its daftness! The, compares way we’re they like? Graham Norton on form too he had us in stitches! I was pleased I had predicted the out come🙂

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    1. I enjoyed it too. They certainly made a proper spectacle of it. But, I guess, that’s what it’s all about. Got me back to my childhood when it was a family affair and it was the first program I was allowed to stay up for. Even though then it was “only” 20 or so countries and not 40 😇

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  2. I can remember when there seven or eight nations competing, one little cabaret style stage, male singers in suits and women singers in dresses singing was done standing still. (You had to be there and of the times)
    This year’s will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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