Let’s make a difference

Good morning world, how are you? I hope things are not getting you down too much. S*** will always happen but it’s what we focus on that makes the difference.

Recently, I let you know about the passing of beloved greyhound Blue the Grey. His human Kimberly started a fundraising page in honour of him to help more of Australia’s racing greyhounds.

This was the update from April but the fundraiser is still going.

Kimberly just did an update asking us to help raise the endgoal to 130k. You can read it here. She also asked us to be obnoxious and tell everyone about it on every platform we are part of. And so I do.

I know we are all strapped for money and can’t give or can’t give much. But you can share Blue’s fundraiser so it may reach those who can still give.

We are following many greyhound accounts on Instagram and I have to say their posts often have gotten me through some shitty moods. They also make me sad when one of them passes over the rainbow bridge but our life would be so much worse without them.

So please, if you have the space re-blog my post. Follow Blue’s Instagram account and share it there or whatever else comes to mind you could do to help his human Kimberly get to 130k or even higher. Thanks!

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock big time!

Blue’s Story

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