Re-post: And what did come from it?

June 2022

From today’s perspective that war looks even less successful. WT… is wrong with our leaders?

September 2011

Well, 9/11 first of all brought us a long lasting war in Afghanistan. Supposedly it brought Democracy to the country but as far as I can see there is a lot of undemocratic corruption and still loads of Al Quaida (and today IS) guys running around. Didn’t they promise us the world would be safer with that war and the terrorists would be defeated? Does not really look like that to me, to be honest. Mumbai, Bali and Kenya tell a somehow different story.Wikipedia lists around 108 terrorist attacks from all over the world only for 2010! (List of Terrorist Attacks in 2010 on Wikipedia)

(in 2017 we are already nearly at 1000 . Their approach works well!)

Does that look so much safer to you?

One thought on “Re-post: And what did come from it?

  1. Not enough attention was paid to the stirrings of a world war starting when the American protege in Iran and the Soviet one in Afghanistan were caste out, because millions had found Democracy and Communism as advertised by the Super-Powers wanting.
    For better or sadly for worse Humanity is attracted to messages of some kind of better Life after Death. In moderation that’s fine. When you add or inadvertently encourage anger and weapons to the message, that’s when the suffering grows.

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