Re-post: The Bee Writes… #MentalHealth Diary: An #anxiety attack

One thought on “Re-post: The Bee Writes… #MentalHealth Diary: An #anxiety attack”

  1. The journey is a long and hard one, with unhelpful paths which the traveller may stray onto because they ‘look good’ or ‘seem right’ or because someone nudged the traveller onto them. This is unavoidable, maybe because each induvial has a very individual path, or maybe because outside forces influence the traveller’s environment. Myriad Cause and Effect.
    Of great importance is, even when in the worse places, not to feel all is lost. Something which is easy to write, and very difficult to obtain.
    You are to be congratulated and applauded for simply ‘Keeping on Keeping on’, continuing on The Journey.
    Best wishes for your future.
    (Personal note: Not advice more an observation. Once an older work colleague who had been up the ladder of success and down it asked me how I was that day, in grim humour I said ‘Oh surviving,’ he looked at me and said ‘Surviving is good,’ I crafted that to look back and reflect ‘Ah well. Got through that one,’… Not a perfect solution but one which I used. We do whatever we can, and keep on. hoping to…. Well…..Head for the sunny uplands?)

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