With Elan To The High Seas?

Hello, good people of the blogosphere. How are you? I hope you and yours are well.

We are in the middle of a packing & organising spree as we got the completion date at last. But that’s part of another blog post.

Today, I introduce you to another brave soul who has chosen a different life. Many of you know Karen and her son Matt from “What If We All Cared?”.

I remember so well, how the name of her blog spoke to me many moons ago. We have become friends and I value her posts, videos and insights very much.

She has made the change from WordPress to Patreon where she shares her journey from landlife with many jobs to life on a boat with Matt. They previously lived on the same boat and now restore it. It’s a long story and not for me to tell.

So, please, check out her Patreon posts and if you can support her. Thanks. 🤗 In this video Karen shares their plans for the boat and the struggles they encounter.

Karen on Patreon

Karen on Instagram

Karen on Facebook

She also shares her incredible crafts, photos from urban exploring and thoughts about life and being a Christian believer. What a versatile and hard-working woman 🥰

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

4 thoughts on “With Elan To The High Seas?

  1. Bee, thank you so much for such a lovely post. I love your new site. We’ll, new to me as I’ve been away.. as in so focused on getting us where we need to be that I rarely notice much else.
    Honestly, I am thankful for this post for more than just what it is and the sweet things you wrote. I am thankful because the struggle to even find your site, my dear friend who cheers me through all my messes, has brought me back down to earth, to the seeing of what I’m missing in my rushing forward.
    Thank you and God bless you always 🙏

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