So, I booked the ferry to Ireland for August. And I even read the small print.

And it said, that you do not need a passport to travel over there from the UK. Duh! I didn’t need to go to London and get my passport sorted!

What a waste of time and money!!!!


Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: Inform yourself properly before doing stuff πŸ˜…

9 thoughts on “Duh!!!!!

  1. Passports are very handy though especially if you need proof of identity.
    You do not require a passport to travel between Ireland and Great Britain, however some carriers/airlines require a passport as proof of identification, and the UK Government may require proof of citizenship. So it never hurts πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  2. I’d say better safe than sorry. Over here the borders used to be pretty wide open. If you wanted to go to Canada OR to Mexico, no problemo. Now? A strip search, TSA, and an orange doofus who is trying to deny Mexico exists (I guess) by banning or banishing all the ‘illegals’ he can suss out. Well that was his agenda. The Straw Man (aka Biden) sits on that imaginary fence and has never (to my knowledge) definitively denied or supported that issue. Canada, probably sick of Yankees fleeing America has beefed up their own borders. It’s still not as difficult to get into Canada as it is to get back into the U.S.A., passport or no. If no passport, a person can expect to be detained.

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    1. Absolutely, better safe than sorry, I agree 😊 . I guess, the US “only” has to deal with two borders. Well, three if you count Alaska and Russia. For a European like me who has experienced both “closed” borders before the EU and open borders after it feels such a step back to beef up border controls. But I also feel a bit brainwashed by the Brexit storylines. Oh, I babble. Well, I’d prefer open o es but what do I know πŸ˜‡


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