Car People

I am not a car person per se. For me, it was always enough that my vehicle has four wheels and has MOT and insurance. The rest didn’t bother me particularly even though I named my car “Shirley” as the little Citroën looked to me like the fat Sheep in “Shaun the Sheep“.

However, I am married to a car person and it somehow has rubbed off on me. Over the years I have started to love the sound of his Subaru Imprezza STI; I was watching Top Gear religiously and, yes, we did the Nürburgring in his car 🥰.

So, of course, we are watching car people on YouTube too. One of them is Adam C who is a Tuber for ages and recently had his own car event. It is just so entertaining to listen to him getting excited about this or the other car.

Please, as always give a like or even a follow because creating content is hard work and these guys deserve our support!

Video credit: AdamC via YouTube

Please enjoy & stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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