My Coffee Looked At Me πŸ˜

A couple of weeks ago I was in London to apply for my new passport. As a German abroad I had to go to the German embassy with all my paperwork and give my fingerprints too.

I do not like to get to places last minute which meant I had about an hour before my appointment. So I took Google maps to task to find out if there is a nice cafe close to the embassy.

Lucky for me there was: the Anya Cafe. When I looked it up I didn’t realise that it was the cafe of the designer Anya Hindmarch who has a handbag shop close by. One of her things is eyes. Two huge round eyes on the bags which look really cute.

And they put those eyes on the coffee too. 😁 But guess what? I was a bad Blogger and didn’t take a picture. Only when I paid and left it occurred to me I could shout about it and asked if it was OK to take some pictures and share them on my blog.

So here you go:

I only had a coffee because I am not eating refined sugar but their display tempted me badly πŸ˜…

The staff was so nice and the atmosphere was a little like in a 50’s film. I really enjoyed it. So if you ever venture to London close to Eaton Place and lots of European embassies make sure you check it out.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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