Re-post: Disappointment/Enttaeuschung

5 thoughts on “Re-post: Disappointment/Enttaeuschung”

  1. Interesting, Bee, I had not thought about it at all. Enid Blyton was pretty equal with her male and female characters and I read a lot of her books as a girl. I can’t remember ever thinking about this at all and I still don’t. I have a mix of male and female in my books but the MC is female which is easier for me to write and relate too.

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  2. At some stage in my 40s I started to focus on female characters in reading and writing (Ah sir, did you now? Would care to talk about it?… No, not that way! I reply, then give up trying to explain)
    Anyway, in my journey it appeared that male writers in their attempt to portray positive women seemed to have an urge to make them taller, and have bodies resistant to visible physical damage, even if the character did wear but skimpy bikinis.
    That seems to be settling down, but it still is difficult to read of any ‘ordinary’ women being strong characters; they have to have some attribute or extreme motivation. Maybe it’s because men of little talent or character are still trying to be dominate in this world, solely on the basis of their gender that women have to appear stronger.
    I opted for Fantasy (no! Not that sort!), where everyone can be ‘odd’ or exceptional because the world is weird anyway, and central female characters are kitted in sensible heavy-duty clothing, I probably still ended up making male assumptions (I try my best and be continue to be rude to misogynists and pathetic incels…now I’m rambling, time to end this reply)

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    1. Thanks for being rude to mysoginists πŸ€— we women appreciate it. πŸ™ I suspect we all have our blind spots when it comes to creating characters. Writers are human after all. The important bit is that you try to make a differenceand you learn and I think that’s terrific πŸ˜€

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