Still A Taboo

15 thoughts on “Still A Taboo”

    1. 🀣 Well, there are ways to get around it if it’s recognised. And there are women who have no problems whatsoever. But I feel it’s not treated like an important step for women to reach a next step in their life which makes it a worse experience than it could be 😊

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  1. Seems a reasonable response to me.
    Tip: How to clear obnoxious males off a site. Talk Periods and Menopause, in detail
    As Son, Husband and Father of two daughters I reckon that Nature (or God depending on your viewpoint) gave women a pretty rubbish deal. Needs ‘spine’ to be a woman. (Simple observation, that)

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and good observations. Even though I start to wonder, if many of the so-called “women’s problems” might rather be a society problem rather than a nature’s one. We are so used to see our changes and experiences as “problems” rather than natural developments that we are built to manage and grow with. Of course, we rather experience the menopause etc as painful, stressful and bad because of this. πŸ™„

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